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In a recent Gallup Poll as of December 2021, Poor Government Leadership ranked second only to the economy as the most important issue facing Americans today.  21% of Americans see Poor Government Leadership as the most pressing problem.  

More than ever, we need to push for integrity in government and politics.  Our company IntegrityLives along with brands and Civic Kitty brings an innovative solution unheard of in the field of politics and the world of nonprofits. 





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or based off service packages including Campaign Strategy, Demographic and Population Surveys, Research, Analytics, Polling and International Relations.

We can be flexible on terms, so leadership doesn't get bent out of shape.

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See article conducted by Pew Research from July 2019 which states that Americans' trust the government less than before. “Americans are worried that distrust in the government and in others is taking a toll on the nation,” said Lee Rainie, the director of internet and technology research at the Pew Research Center.


Although, this study is from outside of the US, the same principals apply, we believe. In an article by United Kingdom's (see below) "The Leadership Quarterly," data analysis to show the macro-level association between government integrity and collective corporate leadership choices and outcomes. Then, they complement the first study by using a controlled laboratory experiment to capture the whole chain of contextual, action-formation and transformation mechanisms of corporate leadership.

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