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Our expertise is Political and Nonpartisan

Supporters of candidates and organizations are invited to join us in our journey.

We provide nationwide political information from your local candidates, party offices and other entities to members and voters.


Collect $1 per month as a contribution per member/voter when your campaign or organization joins



Analyze your campaign or organizations data to better communicate progress or manifesto items.

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Connecting Politicians

To Voters and Members of Organizations Important to Campaigns


Keeping Members Informed
Growing Membership
Growing Strong


Donating made Easy

Members feel included and "Looped In" Knowing who, where and when


When you work with, your campaign and organization enjoy a Directory Listing on our website and mobile APP with links to donate, social media and your website.

  1. Grow participation
  2. Build rapport with membership
  3. Educate voters and non-voters
  4. Grow membership and voter base
  5. Receive donations
If your political organization would like to learn more about a listing on our platform, click the link below to complete the form.

“Absent a reasoned commitment on the part of its citizens to the fundamental values and principles of democracy, a free and open society cannot succeed,” 

The Communitarian Network in Washington DC

Business minded people are interested in politics, and the politically minded who have an interest in business and social concerns aids in decision making which helps to create a stronger democracy by approving better policies.

Our Vision

Develop a tool for all political parties to have a fair and balanced platform.

Catalog political activity at the national, state and local levels.

Encourage political awareness and interest among people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.



Provide access to your members or constituency TODAY.  

Promote organized efforts for volunteers, door-knocking, annual picnics, fundraising events, and more.  

Per a contractual agreement, and written disclosure, your constituency or membership has access to meetings all across the country for your group or organization

Call us today for a twenty (20) minute discovery call. +1 720 388 1827

While you enjoy more EXPOSURE and BETTER ATTENDANCE, they enjoy the benefits of searching within their party affiliation on our website or mobile APP in most of the fifty states and can support your cause nationwide. Each member or voter pays $2.99 per month for access while $1 of each payment is earmarked, documented, and disclosed as a contribution to your organization or campaign.

ONLY those members or voters of the organizations and candidates who join are offered access.